Next Generation Client Manager for FX/CFD Brokers

A comprehensive solution for FX/CFD brokers to optimally manage their Clients, IB's, Compliance, Sales & Operations etc.

Below are some of the key highlights:

  • Client Management.
  • Operations Management.
  • Sales Management.
  • User/Role Management.
  • Client Portal Configurations.
  • Integrated with MT4/MT5 and other trading platforms.​

Product Features for Brokers

Empower FX/CFD Brokers to automate tedious administrative process and manage operations more efficiently. A single pane of glass with powerful tools to configure, manage workflows, client interactions, IB's, Managed Accounts, Sales, Operations and much more.​​

Leads/Sales Management

Define your sales pipelines and get complete visibility of your deals across stages. Our sales module is integrated with various communication channels to track the incoming leads.

Managed Accounts

Unleash a revolutionary technology for Managed Accounts in just four steps:

  • Add your MT4/MT5 server credentials to get started.
  • Configure your Managed Accounts based on your business requirements and rules.
  • Rebrand your Client Portal.
  • Seamlessly manage your Fund Managers and Investors.
Intuitive Dashboards & Reports

Intelligent real-time Dashboard to monitor your business KPIs.

Built-in analytics includes Client & Account distributions, Wallet transactions, Trade volumes, Operations & Sales activities, and much more.​


Client360 is a panoramic view of an individual client, everything your client will ever do with you as a broker is available in a unified view, with built-in access compliance controls to ensure the right person/team has the specific access at a field level.​

Multilingual Support

Our Platform supports several languages out-of-the-box and in addition allows you to personalize your content or add new languages with our built in Language Editor Module.

IB Manager

Empower your IB's with an intuitive, N-level IB Management system.

Below are some of the key highlights:

  • Rebranded IB portal.
  • Intuitive Dashboards & Reports.
  • Create customized N-Level fee structures, to fit your most complex IB rebate requirements.
  • Built-In Rebate engine for automated calculations and fee settlements.
  • Integrated with Managed Accounts module.
  • Integrated with MT4/MT5 and other trading platforms.
User and Role Management

Easily configure Roles / Teams / Users with field level access controls to meet your compliance and operational requirements.

Trading Platform Integrations

All you need, is to enter your API access credentials to proceed.


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